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Using a CRM has never been so easy

beyond up, the CRM designed from the sale for a high commercial performance

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beyond up will be the reflection of each movement of your team. Measure your productivity and evaluate feedback with customers

Campaigns of emails, calls and personalized visits without the use of other tools. Control the results in real time.

Digitize and keep under control all the processes of your company. Automatic registration of each action from the mobile application.

Analysis of data to make decisions, mark sales objectives and develop new marketing strategies.

Predictive analysis throughout the commercial process. Know how and when you should impact the client to close a sale.

Our API can be integrated with different tools and systems for a complete digital management of your company.

CRM software integrated with mobile applications to expand the possibilities of process and client management.

It ensures the legal validity of signing contracts from any mobile device and gets the sale with a single impact.

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Activity Register

Calls, emails, visits and leads. Every detail is important when a sale is at stake. The time, too. It ensures a quick report of each activity with the mobile application, which automatically saves each contact with the client by voice recognition.

Go personally to the contacts that arrive from your web page. Performs efficient lead management by decreasing customer waiting times. With automatic notice to the commercial of the lead that will be in charge of closing the sale!

beyond up CRM reflects everything your team can not see. Wherever you are, detect by geolocation the position of each user and mark the routes to reach the companies. The next step?
Generate the offer, get the signature and close the sale. All in one visit!

Create Smart Campaigns

A unique tool to know your customers and impact them? beyond up allows you to design and program personalized mailing, call and visit campaigns with the information that is recorded of each contact with the client.

This CRM system goes far beyond the programming of emails, takes advantage of the activity record of a team to determine the most effective CRM campaign. All visits and calls are recorded with the mobile app to analyze which professional profile or department should make the following impact.

Follow the impact closely, visualize its status and analyze the results achieved. Thus, in real time, you can measure its effectiveness and the conversion ratio of your team’s actions, essential for making future decisions.

Process automation

Speed ​​up the response you give to your customers by automating tasks that consume time and effort. Drive the progress and communication of your team during processes involving more than one user. They will have at hand the CRM tool that gives them security to move towards closing sales and customer loyalty.

Only one click will be necessary to know how the production of your company evolves. It simplifies tasks, reduces human errors and increases the quality and speed of business management. When the process is normalized, revenues increase.

You can also configure the visibility and functionalities of CRM by professional roles to achieve the maximum potential of each member of your team. And keep the creation, management and closing of processes under control!

Customize reports and content

You decide which aspects to take to the analysis. Use customized graphs and reports to analyze your team’s activity in real time. Put aside the assumptions. Enter the crm software to know the evolution, performance and comparative of your productivity.

Visualize where each of the business lines is located and observe the probability of achieving the objectives that make your team. Access them from any device and place.

This CRM program configures graphics with the evolution and comparison of sales, the billing for products or services or the achievement of objectives throughout the sales funnel. An analysis of your entire database to obtain advanced reports!

CRM with Artificial Intelligence

beyond up goes beyond the basic functionalities of a CRM system. This management program has artificial intelligence for data processing and predictive analysis.

Is a product selling the right sales partner? Is it the right product? How many impacts will be needed to close the sale? These are just some of the questions you can answer thanks to the Intelligence that incorporates beyond up.

High integration capacity

beyond up is the CRM that simplifies business management. You only need a tool to access the programs that back your business. Do not lose any activity and information about your company.

Our API can be integrated with different tools and systems so that each of the members of your team can directly access a single panel to manage their tasks.

Keep under control the commercial activity, the management of clients and processes connected to the billing of your company. From a single tool, you can visualize bank and cash movements, generate budgets, invoices and control collections and payments.

Integration with LABS-App

The time has come to digitize the entire sales and customer management process. beyond up is integrated with mobile applications (Labs) expanding the possibilities of sales and customer management.

beyond sales is the mobile app that allows you to intuitively select the product that the client chooses, immediately generate the contract and get the digital form. If several trips were previously necessary, paper documents and time losses to close the sale, it is now possible with a single contact with the customer!

beyond tasks is a mobile application for the workflow of technical professionals. Through the task calendar, each of the employees can see the pending activities to manage. This app automates stock control by facilitating the management of products that enter and leave the warehouse.

Biometric signature

Maximum security to close the sale. The biometric signature avoids the unexpected modification of contracts and guarantees the identity of the signer. Easily discover when signed documents are altered and the changes they have suffered.

Close operations from the first sale opportunity! Avoid travel expenses and get the most out of mobile applications with a biometric signature.

Advances towards the digitalization of the sales process. Eliminate paper documents and reduce file management expenses.

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